Hengsu Edge banding Processing

The edge banding is an indispensable part of the panel furniture. The existence of the edge banding makes the furniture more environmentally friendly, with smooth three-dimensional lines, and the dazzling colors are everywhere to show the owner’s noble taste.

Hengsu has thick and thin edge banding. The edge band’s thick is generally more than 1.0 mm thick. It is mainly used on the plate outside the furniture. If it is too thin, it will not protect the furniture when it collides. The outer edge of the edge band must be thicker, so that the edge banding of the furniture looks more three-dimensional. The thin edge banding is mainly used on plates that are not visible inside the furniture, such as drawers.

Furniture edge banding is an extruded sheet, We have PVC, ABS, acrylic materials 3D or PMMA  edge band strip. From the shape point of view, We have U-shaped edge-banding and a T-shaped edge profile.
As a manufacturer specializing in the production of furniture edge banding, Hengsu has four series edge banding : PVC series (PVC thin edge banding, PVC wood grain) Edge banding, PVC material edge banding, PVC high-gloss edge banding, PVC super matte edge banding), ABS series (AB plain edge banding, ABS wood edge banding), heterosexual series (hard rubber Strips, soft strips, soft and hard composite strips), acrylic series (pure acrylic edge banding, wood grain acrylic edge banding, two-color acrylic edge banding).

Now let us tell you that the process of thick edge banding is as follow:
mixing powder all raw material – granulation – thick edge extrusion – embossing – backing-Pattern printing – UV coating – packaging – storage

The process of thin edge banding is:
mixing – extruded sheet – composite finishing – sheet printing – sheet adhesive – sheet embossing – rewinding – sheet slitting – packaging ——Storage


Do you see why the production process of thick edge banding and thin edge banding is different? This is because the sheet extruded from the thin side is a large roll, and when it needs to be wide, it is cut on this basis. Thick edges can only be extruded according to actual size due to their relative thickness.

Hengsu Edgebanding-Custom Extrusion For You

kitchen cabinet edge banding

Whatever size, or color edge banding you need we have you covered. The Hengsu extrusion plant can handle sizes from 12 mm to 650 mm widths. And thicknesses can be extruded in 0.4 mm through 3 mm. We can also do flexible PVC edge banding . And can also provide you with fluted PVC edging tape as well. If you need a different size or color We can create a custom cylinder and typically have it made at a low cost and have it ready within 2 or 3 weeks. Standard production lead times are usually two weeks, but if you have a crisis and need it FAST…we can get it done.This is because your pvc edge banding will be produced in our own manufacturing facility.

Whether your looking for solid colors, patterns, or wood grains, we already prepared to make edge banding for you. And they are available in a wide range of finishes including high gloss. While wood grains in sizes 2 mm and thicker are available in surface print, or grain.We follow all accepted industry specs on all PVC edge banding extruded in our plant. And we can give you a specification page on request if you need it.

In addition to that.. we make it possible for you to source any PVC edge banding or any other material edge banding like 3d edge banding,abs edge banding,PMMA edge banding,profile edge banding strip etc. At prices and options no other manufacturer can match.

Give us a call or an email today! We look forward to serving you for any edge banding supply needs.

Some improvement tips for using modern furniture at your home

Most people get confused while buying furniture hardware for their house and they cannot exactly be blamed for it. Redoing a house is never an easy task and it gets especially difficult if you are planning to do some new interior designing or style at your home. Having said that, there are also ways by which you can save money while improving your home. A new piece of headboard or a new frame will add a new look to your house but you also know how to go about doing the same without putting a burden on yourself.

The first stepsFirstly, you need to have a welletched out plan before putting down any of the furniture. An item there and another there will not make a pretty picture in your house. You need to know what to put at which place. A plan prevents you from going wrong while doing up your home and give you extra time to look at other important aspects like comfort. You should know about the style of furniture hardware that suits your house best and then buy accordingly.Saving space by replacing heavy itemsThis is a very important step and is integral part of home renovations. If you happen to have bulky pieces of furniture in your house, then you need to replace them immediately. These bulky furniture pieces are out of style and do not add anything to the look of your house. You should replace them and get pieces of furniture that add to your home without taking up extra space. There is a wide range of furniture available that can serve many purposes without taking up big spaces. You can buy sofa beds or like the Ottoman that serve the dual purposes of bed and sofa. Modern furniture pieces are smaller but are more efficient than old and antique pieces of furniture. Buy a bed with brackets and storage compartments for getting some extra storage space along with getting a place to sleep.

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