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Good houses must be colorful. The furniture also.
Good Furniture need Good edge banding!

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Customer Stories from Hengsu Edge banding

With nearly 10 years of experience in selling edge banding, I have a lot of interesting stories to share with you.

The first is the story of the sample. At the 2011 furniture and accessories show, the Qatari customer asked at the booth: “Is your sample is the same as mine? Such as wood grain, and colors, and size?” We did not find the same PVC edge tape sample at the booth. We promised to bring him the same PVC edge banding sample from the factory the next day. He returned the next day to get the samples. “It took me two hours to take a taxi to the booth to get this edge sample, ” he told us. At that moment, we are very glad that we let the customer come for nothing. After the exhibition, our client placed an order for the PVC edge strip, the first test order with his other furniture fitting accessories together shipping. The customer ordered so quickly because he trusted us.

The second story is a client who gives me a gift. The customer was from India, and he had just ordered 0.6 x 22 edge banding 5000M. In a word, we had a little loss on these edge orders because we need to waist so many raw materials. When he came to the exhibition, he brought me a box of candy and a pen as a gift. This is the first time I’ve received a gift from my edge banding guest. This gift is a token of my appreciation, and it makes me so happy.


The third Client story. He speaks Spanish, not English. At the exhibition, he brought a translator and took out his edge banding sample for us to quote. After the exhibition, the customer also ordered, the communication of the mail is half in English, half in Spanish. Every time, he would make a payment on time before loading. We meet each other every year at the show, we alike as old friends. We are most fortunate to have such a convenient customer.


The fourth customer’s story, this one is from Southeast Asia. After a period of cooperation, he wants to be our edge agent, but he only orders half of 20FT each time. We require to order two 20FT of edge banding per month. We advised him to attend the local exhibition, we could give him edge samples and the charge of the show, but he did not do this. The end, his market became smaller and smaller, till he closed.


The 5th story is about the Key-chain of edge banding. He was from South East Asia. When he visits Hengsu edge banding co.ltd.I picked him up at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. He visits us with his uncles. They’re all Chinese, but the clients don’t speak Chinese. He asked for a Key-chain of edge banding. We told him that need to pay $1 a key chain. The client accepts that. He needs 500PCS edge banding Key-chain per order.

If you have wanted to get more detail of our PVC edge banding, please feel free to contact us. Maybe we have a new story with each other!


Ms. Hannah



Edge banding Supplier of hengsu from China

We are manufacturer of PVC Edge banding for Furniture and Kitchens

Also we provide all kinds of edge banding as follow:

Plywood edge banding
MDF PVC edge Tape
Glossy PVC edge banding
Banding tape
Particle edge banding
Plywood fruniture
Edge Trim
Plastic edge banding

Some U or T sharp edge profile for Kitchen Accessories Available.

Plywood edge banding
MDF PVC edge Tape
Glossy PVC edge banding
Banding tape
Particle edge banding
Plywood fruniture
Edge Trim
Plastic edge banding

PVC edgebands are produced in two systems; extrusion and calendaring.
0.4-0.5mm thickness will making by calendaring, above 0.6mm thickness edge banding will making by extursion.
The MOQ of 0.6 thickness edge banding is 3000M each color each size.
Welcome more distributors of edge banding who contact us to enlarge your market!

Hengsu Edgebanding-Custom Extrusion For You

kitchen cabinet edge banding

Whatever size, or color edge banding you need we have you covered. The Hengsu extrusion plant can handle sizes from 12 mm to 650 mm widths. And thicknesses can be extruded in 0.4 mm through 3 mm. We can also do flexible PVC edge banding . And can also provide you with fluted PVC edging tape as well. If you need a different size or color We can create a custom cylinder and typically have it made at a low cost and have it ready within 2 or 3 weeks. Standard production lead times are usually two weeks, but if you have a crisis and need it FAST…we can get it done.This is because your pvc edge banding will be produced in our own manufacturing facility.

Whether your looking for solid colors, patterns, or wood grains, we already prepared to make edge banding for you. And they are available in a wide range of finishes including high gloss. While wood grains in sizes 2 mm and thicker are available in surface print, or grain.We follow all accepted industry specs on all PVC edge banding extruded in our plant. And we can give you a specification page on request if you need it.

In addition to that.. we make it possible for you to source any PVC edge banding or any other material edge banding like 3d edge banding,abs edge banding,PMMA edge banding,profile edge banding strip etc. At prices and options no other manufacturer can match.

Give us a call or an email today! We look forward to serving you for any edge banding supply needs.

Kitchen cabinet accessories play a huge role in setting up their dream kitchen

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Give your furniture a more valuable and solid appearance with PVC edging

One of the most common and best known plastics used to manufacture edge bandings is PVC. PVC edging creates high impact resistant bandings and have been used for more than 40 years now. PVC edging accessories are colored throughout and manufactured in an extrusion way. Due to the consistency of color offered through the material, it is easy to successfully achieve clean edge rounding. PVC edging is suitable for use in curved applications – both external and internal radii and in straight panel processing. It offers almost unlimited capability in different applications.

Due to the top notch qualities of PVC edging, the furniture industry today has extensively used this product in various applications. These products have a wide range of applications from kitchen to bathroom and office furniture to shoplifting, cubicle and exhibition furniture. HOSU stock range has PVC accessories in a wide range of colors. PVC edging is available in various thickness and varieties. We offer mahogany, cherry, oak, plain white PVC edging and plain black PVC edging. PVC edging is more preferred to other materials like ABS, wood, wood veneer and melamine. It’s use in furniture making and carpentry increases tremendously nowadays.

PVC edging is commonly used for covering sides of materials that are exposed like plywood. This way, you can give your furniture a more valuable and solid appearance. It is used in place of other features like molding or face frames. If you need to include PVC edging in your project, just browse through our products and you will find your required product.

All kinds of Edgebanding is available in several styles and varieties

Edgebanding is available in several varieties and styles. PVC and Wood Veneer along with Preglued Melamine are standard types. Try our new edgebanding website!

PVC Edgebanding is noted for its wide variety of color matches to Laminate and Melamine board manufacturer. Standard sizes are 15/16″ Wide .018″ Thick and 600 foot rolls. Depending on the manufacturer it MIGHT be available in 1MM, 2MM, 3MM Thick and up to 1-5/8″ Wide. This product is typically put on with a Hot Melt Adhesive and an “Automatic” edgebander. Preglued is also available on thin product and you can use a Hot Air Edgebander to apply it. Ironing this product on is not recommended.

Thin .018 is good for drawer boxes and light use edges.

1MM, 2MM and 3MM are good for door edges and countertop edges or anywhere you will get heavy use. Countertop edges are well suited to 3MM product as it is very resistant to abuse.

Thin (.020″) Wood Veneer Edgebanding is offered as unglued fleece backed, Pre-glued (Iron On), Prefinished and Pre-glued and Prefinished. Nominal thickness is .020” or .5MM. Other thickness include 1 MM, 1.5 MM, 2MM and 3MM. Some of the standard widths we stock include, 22, 28, 32, 35 and 44mm (US 7/8″, 15/16″, 1 1/8″, 1 1/4″, 1 3/8″, 1 3/4″). Standard roll length for unfinished and finished is 500 feet, Preglued and Preglued and Prefinished is 250 ft.1 MM 1.5 MM 2MM and 3MM roll lengths are 328 feet.

Preglued Wood Veneer Edgebanding can be ironed on with a household iron set to Medium/High or a hot air edgebander.

Melamine is a low end paper based product with limited color availabilty that can be ironed on. Quick and easy but not very durable.

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