Customer Stories from Hengsu Edge banding

With nearly 10 years of experience in selling edge banding, I have a lot of interesting stories to share with you.

The first is the story of the sample. At the 2011 furniture and accessories show, the Qatari customer asked at the booth: “Is your sample is the same as mine? Such as wood grain, and colors, and size?” We did not find the same PVC edge tape sample at the booth. We promised to bring him the same PVC edge banding sample from the factory the next day. He returned the next day to get the samples. “It took me two hours to take a taxi to the booth to get this edge sample, ” he told us. At that moment, we are very glad that we let the customer come for nothing. After the exhibition, our client placed an order for the PVC edge strip, the first test order with his other furniture fitting accessories together shipping. The customer ordered so quickly because he trusted us.

The second story is a client who gives me a gift. The customer was from India, and he had just ordered 0.6 x 22 edge banding 5000M. In a word, we had a little loss on these edge orders because we need to waist so many raw materials. When he came to the exhibition, he brought me a box of candy and a pen as a gift. This is the first time I’ve received a gift from my edge banding guest. This gift is a token of my appreciation, and it makes me so happy.


The third Client story. He speaks Spanish, not English. At the exhibition, he brought a translator and took out his edge banding sample for us to quote. After the exhibition, the customer also ordered, the communication of the mail is half in English, half in Spanish. Every time, he would make a payment on time before loading. We meet each other every year at the show, we alike as old friends. We are most fortunate to have such a convenient customer.


The fourth customer’s story, this one is from Southeast Asia. After a period of cooperation, he wants to be our edge agent, but he only orders half of 20FT each time. We require to order two 20FT of edge banding per month. We advised him to attend the local exhibition, we could give him edge samples and the charge of the show, but he did not do this. The end, his market became smaller and smaller, till he closed.


The 5th story is about the Key-chain of edge banding. He was from South East Asia. When he visits Hengsu edge banding picked him up at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. He visits us with his uncles. They’re all Chinese, but the clients don’t speak Chinese. He asked for a Key-chain of edge banding. We told him that need to pay $1 a key chain. The client accepts that. He needs 500PCS edge banding Key-chain per order.

If you have wanted to get more detail of our PVC edge banding, please feel free to contact us. Maybe we have a new story with each other!


Ms. Hannah