Hengsu Edgebanding-Custom Extrusion For You

kitchen cabinet edge banding

Whatever size, or color edge banding you need we have you covered. The Hengsu extrusion plant can handle sizes from 12 mm to 650 mm widths. And thicknesses can be extruded in 0.4 mm through 3 mm. We can also do flexible PVC edge banding . And can also provide you with fluted PVC edging tape as well. If you need a different size or color We can create a custom cylinder and typically have it made at a low cost and have it ready within 2 or 3 weeks. Standard production lead times are usually two weeks, but if you have a crisis and need it FAST…we can get it done.This is because your pvc edge banding will be produced in our own manufacturing facility.

Whether your looking for solid colors, patterns, or wood grains, we already prepared to make edge banding for you. And they are available in a wide range of finishes including high gloss. While wood grains in sizes 2 mm and thicker are available in surface print, or grain.We follow all accepted industry specs on all PVC edge banding extruded in our plant. And we can give you a specification page on request if you need it.

In addition to that.. we make it possible for you to source any PVC edge banding or any other material edge banding like 3d edge banding,abs edge banding,PMMA edge banding,profile edge banding strip etc. At prices and options no other manufacturer can match.

Give us a call or an email today! We look forward to serving you for any edge banding supply needs.