Give your furniture a more valuable and solid appearance with PVC edging

One of the most common and best known plastics used to manufacture edge bandings is PVC. PVC edging creates high impact resistant bandings and have been used for more than 40 years now. PVC edging accessories are colored throughout and manufactured in an extrusion way. Due to the consistency of color offered through the material, it is easy to successfully achieve clean edge rounding. PVC edging is suitable for use in curved applications – both external and internal radii and in straight panel processing. It offers almost unlimited capability in different applications.

Due to the top notch qualities of PVC edging, the furniture industry today has extensively used this product in various applications. These products have a wide range of applications from kitchen to bathroom and office furniture to shoplifting, cubicle and exhibition furniture. HOSU stock range has PVC accessories in a wide range of colors. PVC edging is available in various thickness and varieties. We offer mahogany, cherry, oak, plain white PVC edging and plain black PVC edging. PVC edging is more preferred to other materials like ABS, wood, wood veneer and melamine. It’s use in furniture making and carpentry increases tremendously nowadays.

PVC edging is commonly used for covering sides of materials that are exposed like plywood. This way, you can give your furniture a more valuable and solid appearance. It is used in place of other features like molding or face frames. If you need to include PVC edging in your project, just browse through our products and you will find your required product.